Onnin Auto Oy

Onnin Auto Oy is an importer and seller of spare parts for heavy goods vehicles.

Speed, credibility and reliability – these three qualities have always been crucial to our business operation.  And we are still on the road.

We have been supplying our customers with spare parts for heavy goods vehicles all over Finland for the past five decades, getting them speedily and reliably to their destination.  Because we are always keen to improve our service to customers we are constantly looking around the world for new products that are best in terms of price/quality. Our goal is to offer our product range at a competitive price, one that customers are happy with. We continuously keep our eyes open and acquire spare parts that are new and viable, making them available to you at a reasonable price.

Our company holds a Strongest in Finland certificate from the risk management, sales and marketing information organisation Suomen Asiakastieto Oy.