Founded in 1954, the Brazilian company Fras-le is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of friction materials. The company has its own laboratories where new materials are constantly being developed, studied and refined for the manufacture of improved and better quality products.


Its more than 30 years’ experience has made Sabo shock absorbers a firm favourite with the professionals. The factory, located in Tuscany, Italy, produces and distributes a full range of shock absorbers for all makes of vehicle we cover. Sabo also manufactures air springs that are seamlessly compatible with their shock absorbers.


Euroricambi has seven factories in Italy, where it manufactures spare parts for transmissions and differentials for buses and lorries. In stock are over 9, 000 products. The company operates in more than 90 countries and has around 400 employees.


The German company Mahle delivers a unique brand of expertise in the automotive industry, producing a range of products, including filter, electric and heat production systems for engines. Mahle is also the world’s largest manufacturer of initial installation engine components. The company invests heavily in research and product development: it is constantly developing new products, though it is always upgrading current engine types.


Ruspa makes durable products for buses and various industrial vehicles, and its range includes anything from top quality hubcaps to different accessories. Ruspa is known in the market for its innovative approach and its long- life products.


Waspo is the new trade mark of Yeni Arçek Water Pumps Co. Ltd. which has been in the business for more than 30 years. Its huge range includes water pumps for many makes and models of vehicle. Waspo water pumps are made only from the best raw materials, and the company is famous in the industry as a reliable operator.


Hammer makes clutches that meet international standards for medium-sized and heavy goods vehicles, showing respect for the environment. The company is well known for its good quality, sustainable products and its excellent customer service.


Premiparts tests its products in the special conditions that prevail in the Nordic countries and makes top quality heavy duty spare parts for lorries and buses. There is excellent availability and quick delivery of first-rate products, designed for Northern climes.